Frequently Asked Questions

From the “Order” page, if your date is available, you will be able to fill out and submit a form to receive a quote. A submitted form is not an order confirmation! If your order request is accepted, you will receive communication from me with a quote and payment instructions before your order is confirmed. If your request is denied I will let you know as well.

Wedding cakes and large cakes over $750+ can be booked up to 6 months in advance here.

For cakes (and cookies) below that range my schedule opens for general orders month to month. Future calendar opening dates are always specified on the order page for each item here.

Because wedding cakes can book farther in advance, when the calendar opens for general orders, availability may be more limited.

Minimum lead time is 3 weeks.

Availability calendars as well as future calendar opening dates are on the Order page. 

Cakes vary in price from $100-$10,000. Please use the Order form to get a quote specific to your cake size, flavor and design. For starting prices please visit my Pricing Page.

The reason my calendar isn't open year round and only open 6 months in advance is so that I may plan my life (family time, travel, etc), which is already so hard to do that far ahead. Just because the calendar is due to open, does not mean ALL the dates will be.

Unfortunately no. I legitimately cannot guarantee the availability of any date until I publish the calendar because I myself do not know my availability until I publish it.

The calendar will be open between 9-11am on calendar opening days.

I do not. Fully booked means fully booked. Asking to get squeezed in is asking me to sacrifice something, whether it’s my well being, my free time, the integrity of my already booked work etc. 

Yes. However, they are reserved for wedding cakes quoted at $750+ and that have already put down a deposit.

Due to high demand, tastings are not possible for couples who have not already booked their cake.

The short answer is: you can't. As a made to order bakery, there is no way to access my cakes unless you order one.

There are only two exceptions:

1. I you're an instagram user, pay attention to my Stories, I often announce flash sales for mini cakes. These are VERY competitive and usually sell out in a matter of seconds.

2. You can purchase a tasting if you book a cake with me to help pick a flavor. Tastings are reserved for cakes quoted at $750+ and that have already been booked with a deposit.

Thursdays through Sundays.

When your date shows as available on the calendar of the Order page you may submit a form to receive a quote. I do not provide quotes otherwise because it is a waste of both your time and mine for me to quote you for a cake for a date that may not ever become available. 

For weddings a 25% non-refundable deposit is required to book.

For other orders full pre-payment is required to book, although 50% is refundable up to 2 weeks before your pick up date.

For more info on refunds and payments please read my Terms and Conditions.

Without payment your order will not be on my calendar. Dates are held for 24hrs from the time a quote is sent, after which your spot is relinquished to the next person in line.

Yes. Bakey Bakes uses a white glove delivery service provided by Attyre Delivery. The delivery radius is up 30 miles and starts at $125.

We do not deliver out of state.

Credit Card, Zelle and Venmo.

Ormewood Park in Atlanta. Bakey Bakes is not a physical store, it is a private home, therefore the address is only provided to clients after orders have been placed.

From the “Cookie Order” page, if your date is available you will be able to fill out and submit a form to order cookies. A submitted form is not an order confirmation! You will receive communication from me with a quote and payment instructions before your order is confirmed.

Because I am a made-to-order bakery. One recipe yields 12 cookies minimum. If you would like to try multiple flavors, you will have to order at least one dozen of each. 

No that is not possible because I am a made-to-order bakery. One recipe yields 12 cookies minimum. If you would like to try multiple flavors, you will have to order at least one dozen of each. 

Store at room temperature in the box they come in or in an airtight container. Consume within 5 days. 

If you plan on eating them at a later date, freeze them as soon as possible. The sooner your freeze, the fresher they will be when thawed. 

To freeze, wrap each one individually with plastic wrap and place in an airtight container. To thaw, unwrap and bring to room temperature or microwave 5-10 seconds (or longer depending on your microwave).

They are not. I bake for direct clients only and do not wholesale.

I do not.

Orders can be changed up to 2 weeks prior to your order date. However, the changes are not guaranteed.

For more info on order changes, please visit the Terms and Conditions page.

Yes you may cancel your order up to 7 days in advance for a 50% refund. After that there is no refund. 

Weddings may cancel up to 30 days in advance. The deposit is not refundable.

For cancellation policy please visit the Terms and Conditions page.

Currently I make only custom cakes and cookies. 

I do not.

The short answer is no. The long answer is, I have published recipes in the past for limited times. For future releases keep your eye on my instagram account where I announce things like this. 

In general though, all my recipes are proprietary, completely unique and not shared with anybody.

 I do not. Teaching is just not something I enjoy or aspire to, so I do not have any plans to do so any time soon.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have noticed that I do flash sales often via my stories. You have likely also noticed that they sell out within seconds. 

Flash sales exist when I have extra batter from custom orders. I then commonly turn those into mini cakes (2-6 servings in size. Significantly smaller than my minimum customer order cake that serves 12-14)

Flash sales are not pre-meditated or planned. I do not announce that they are coming up as that would make it even harder to compete for it. I do not give anybody priority and for fairness it is first come first served. 

Payment for flash sales is via Venmo only. You have 15 mins to submit payment once I confirm that the item is yours. There are no refunds. 

Pickup times are always listed in the original post and are not negotiable. 

For optimal taste and texture, your cake should be served at room temperature. Cold cake means rock hard frosting!

Remove from refrigerator 2-3 hrs prior to serving. Larger cakes may take longer and the temperature of the room will affect this timing too. If the exterior buttercream is soft to the touch, it’s ready!

I have made a great Youtube video showing you how: How To Cut A Bakey Bakes Cake

It is possible however, every hour I am away from home would have to be compensated in addition to travel costs, food, lodging with adequate kitchen, shipping of equipment/materials, price of the cake itself, boarding for my dog etc

I do not make sheet cakes but I do make lower cost undecorated supplementary cakes (same round format as all my cakes) as extra servings for weddings should there be a need for more cake than the display cake can provide.

The display cake has to serve at least 78 to qualify for supplementary servings. 

I prefer not to but depending on the circumstance it may be necessary or considered. 

Dummy cakes are not a means to save money though as the decorating portion of cake design is the largest sum. Ingredients are not much more expensive than dummy cake rounds. My time decorating a fake cake is no different than decorating a real cake. In fact in some ways it can raise different complications.

I do not make traditional themed or character cakes but you will see in my portfolio that I often make subtle themed cakes with tasteful nods to certain subjects or pop culture. 

I will more likely accept themed cakes that fit my specific tastes. I am not a Marvel fan for example, so I would likely not accept a Marvel themed cake as I would not enjoy the process. If I don't enjoy the process you will not get a cake you are happy with. I would much rather refer you to someone who can meet your vision.

I do not usually prefer to make kids' cakes, but if they are refined and ethereal enough I will consider it. I will not make character cakes or overly childish themes. 

I do not cover my cakes in fondant no. All my cakes are 100% made with buttercream. Fondant may be used for little accents if needed to suit the design. 

Availalability is disclosed on the Order page and on the Contact page. Due to my lack of bandwidth as a one person business and great efforts into making this info accessible and public, if I get emails asking for this info, I am likely not to answer (as it stated on the order form itself).

I receive hundreds of DMs per day. Sometimes they get lost or hidden. Sometimes I simply lack the time to acknowledge every single one. I do my best to answer everybody but as the account grows, my ability to answer them all lessens.